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Share your GO Tools

If you would like to advertise your GO tool on our web site then please could you supply us with the following minimum information:

1) The name of the tool.
2) A short summary of the tool's function along the lines of the descriptions shown on the GO tools page.
3) The URL for the tool.
4) The URL for the organisation which produced the tool.

We also ask that anyone whose GO tool is shown on our tools page will subscribe to the GO-friends mailing list. This list has very low traffic so you will not be bombarded with messages, but your membership of the list ensures that we can always get in touch with you when any major changes are made to the GO and so subscription will allow you to keep your tools up to date. You may also wish to join the GO-Database mailing list which is a forum for the discussion of development of new GO tools, but this is not obligatory. Both of these lists are moderated to exclude spamming.

GO Tools Developers' page

Also we would really appreciate if you could take the time to provide us with the following information for our GO tools developers site:

1) The platforms on which the tools work (i.e. windows/unix/linux/mac)
2) The language in which the tools was written.
3) Whether the tool is Open Source and Free to academics.
4) The URL for system requirements.
5) Whether the tool is web-based or not.

Tool Components

In particular the GO tools developers community has expressed an interest in having access to any parts that are portable, documented, and likely to be of use to the general GO tools development community. To this end, we would be interested to know the following:

1) What Database schema or flat files does your application run from?
1b) If you are using your own DB schema, are there tools available for loading and querying it that you would be interested in sharing?

2) What library or api does your application run from?

Thank you in advance for writing with information, your contribution is very much appreciated.

Click here to send information , or e-mail Alternatively you can submit information to the SourceForge GO website tracker.

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