Reference for ND

Curators at the contributing database found no information supporting an annotation to any term from the ontology in question (molecular function, biological process, or cellular component) as of the date indicated.

This reference documents the fact that a database curator has reviewed the literature describing a gene product but found no biologically useful information; it should only be cited for annotations to "unknown," i.e. one of

  • molecular function unknown ; GO:0005554
  • biological process unknown ; GO:0000004
  • cellular component unknown ; GO:0008372



Description of the "ND" evidence code (for more information see the GO Evidence Codes documentation):

ND no biological data available
  • Used for annotations to "unknown" molecular function, biological process, or cellular component.
Comment: This code is used only for annotations to "unknown," and it is the only evidence code recommended for annotations to unknown (except in cases where a cited source explicitly says that something is unknown). It should be accompanied by a reference that explains that curators looked but found no information. This page can serve as a generic reference to use with ND; to use it insert "GO_REF:nd" in the reference column of a gene_association file.


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