GO Consortium Meetings

Minutes from GO Consortium Meetings TIGR, US, June 3-4, 2003.     [PDF]     [TEXT]
St Croix, US Virgin Islands, January 25-26, 2003.     [PDF]     [TEXT]
Cambridge, UK, September 10-11, 2002.     [PDF]     [TEXT]
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, May 12-13, 2002.     [PDF]     [TEXT]
Tucson, AZ, February 2-3, 2002.     [PDF]     [TEXT]
Chicago, IL, October 13-14, 2001.     [PDF]     [TEXT]
Bar Harbor, ME, July 14-15, 2001.     [PDF]     [TEXT]
Carnegie, Stanford, CA, March 4-5, 2001.     [PDF]     [TEXT]
GO and annotation of human genes; CSHL, December 10-12, 2000.     [TEXT]
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, November 5-6, 2000.     [TEXT]
Minutes from previous meetings available via FTP:     [FTP site: minutes]
Meeting Abstracts
Archive Page for GO Users Meetings A page of links to information from past GO Users Meetings
Photos Bar Harbor, Maine, September 26, 2003
TIGR, Rockville, Maryland, June 3, 2003
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York, May 13, 2002
Bar Harbor, Maine, July 15, 2001
LBNL, Berkeley, California, November 5, 2000
Bar Harbor, Maine, October 8, 1999

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