Indices of other Classification systems to GO

The files contain concepts from systems external to GO e.g. Enzyme Comission numbers, SWISS-PROT keywords and TIGR roles, indexed to equivalent GO terms. The mappings are typically made manually, details can be found in the file header. The files are of the format:

external system identifier: external system term name/id > GO: GO term name ; GO id.

Database Index File Source
Swiss-Prot spkw2go Evelyn Camon (Note: spkw2go used to be called swp2go, all files remain the same.)
Enzyme Commission ec2go Michael Ashburner
EGAD egad2go Michael Ashburner
GenProtEC genprotec2go Heather Butler & Michael Ashburner
TIGR role tigr2go Michael Ashburner
TIGR Families tigrfams2go TIGR Staff
InterPro interpro2go Nicola Mulder
MIPS Funcat mips2go Michael Ashburner & Midori Harris
MetaCyc Pathways metacyc2go Michael Ashburner & Midori Harris
MultiFun Classifications multifun2go Michael Ashburner, Jane Lomax & Margrethe Hauge Serres
Pfam Domains pfam2go Nicola Mulder
Prodom Domains prodom2go Nicola Mulder
Prints Domains prints2go Nicola Mulder
ProSite Domains prosite2go Nicola Mulder
Smart Domains smart2go Nicola Mulder
README - summary of contents and file format

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