How to Contact GO

To follow the development of the Gene Ontology project, several e-mail lists are available, described below. Please send questions or suggestions to If you have questions or suggestions that you do not wish to become part of the public mail archive, then you may use this private address, which is read only by Midori Harris, the GO Editor. You may contact also contact specific people in the GO Consortium member organizations or in financial supporters of GO from the list of contact people below.

Email Lists

GO Discussion list for Gene Ontology Consortium members. Archives of these messages are available from the GO email archive.
GOFRIENDS Public announcements related to the GO Project are distributed to this email list and are available from the GOFRIENDS email archive.
GO-DIFF The ontologies evolve daily. To receive an automatically generated daily report on the changes to the Gene Ontology, subscribe to the GO-DIFF email list. These reports are generated from the source files within the GO CVS repository every morning.
GO-DATABASE Public discussions about the GO database are separate from the above lists and are available from the GO-Database Archive.

GO Contact People

Development of the Gene Ontologies is spearheaded and coordinated by Midori Harris and Michael Ashburner. People in member organizations participate in ontology development as well as focus on the curation and annotation issues relevant to their organization. A more complete list of people involved in the GO project is on the GO people page.

Most software questions should be addressed to members of the BDGP software group directed by Suzanna Lewis. Problems with the web site, such as broken links, and questions about the CVS repository or FTP site can be directed to members of the SGD group, directed by Mike Cherry, or to

GO Midori Harris Ontology development

FlyBase Michael Ashburner Ontology development and curation

BDGP Suzanna Lewis Software
Brad Marshall Software: AmiGO brower
Chris Mungall Software: GO Database
John Richter Software: DAG-Edit

SGD Mike Cherry GO CVS and ftp sites
Rama Balakrishnan Ontology development and curation
Karen Christie Ontology development and curation
Eurie Hong Ontology development and curation

MGI Judith Blake Ontology development and curation
Harold Drabkin Ontology development and curation
David Hill Ontology development and curation

TAIR Sue Rhee Ontology development and curation
Tanya Berardini Ontology development and curation
Suparna Mundodi Ontology development and curation

WormBase Erich Schwarz Ontology development and curation
Raymond Lee Ontology development and curation

DictyBase Rex Chisholm Ontology development and curation

RGD Simon Twigger RGD Curation coordinator;
electronic GO annotation
Rajni Nigam RGD GO Project coordinator;
Ontology development and curation

Pathogen Sequencing Unit (Sanger):
   Parasite Genomes
Matt Berriman Ontology development;
GO annotation of parasite genomes
Valerie Wood Ontology development;
S. pombe GO annotation and curation

   InterPro -    SWISS-PROT -    TrEMBL
Rolf Apweiler SWISS-PROT Coordinator
Daniel Barrell Software Engineer; EBI GO software & database; automated GO curation
Evelyn Camon GO curation Coordinator; Ontology development; manual GO curation
Nicola Mulder InterPro Coordinator; Ontology development; manual GO curation

TIGR Michelle Gwinn Ontology development and
TIGR prokaryotic GO annotations
Linda Hannick Ontology development and
TIGR Arabidopsis GO annotations
Sirisha Sunkara TIGR Gene Indexes

Gramene Pankaj Jaiswal Ontology development and
Gramene Oryza GO annotations

Compugen Hanqing (Han) Xie Ontology development and curation

AstraZeneca Courtland Yockey Ontology development and curation

Incyte Genomics Renee White Ontology development and curation
Karama Neal Ontology development and curation

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