Local mirror Description Home site
BlastDB Biosequence databases for BLAST searches NCBI
Blocks Highly conserved regions of proteins NCBI
DDBJ DNA Data Bank of Japan NIG
EMBL The EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database EBI
Ensembl Human Automatic annotation on eukaryotic genomes EnsEMBL
Ensembl Automatic annotation on eukaryotic genomes EnsEMBL
Enzyme Enzyme nomenclature database ExPASy
GenBank Genomes Whole genome sequence section of GenBank NCBI
GenBank GenBank Sequence Database NCBI
GeneOntology Vocabularies of gene functions and roles GeneOntology
InterPro InterPro Protein databank EBI
PDB Protein Data Bank of 3-D macromolecular structures RCSB
PIR Protein Information Resource NBRF
PIRNEW PIR updates from NBRF, Georgetown NBRF
Pfam The Pfam database of protein domains and HMMs WUSTL
Prosite Database of protein families and domains ExPASy
Rebase The Restriction Enzyme Database NEB
RefSeq NCBI Reference Sequences NCBI
SRS Databanks List of active SRS databases around world EBI
SWISS-PROT Annotated protein sequence database ExPASy
Taxonomy Species names NCBI, EBI
TrEMBL A supplement to SWISS-PROT EBI
UniGene Unique Gene Sequence Collection for Human, Mouse, Rat, and Zebrafish NCBI
euGenes Eukaryote Genes Summary Databank IUBio